BEFORE REGISTERING PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. You Agree To Be Bound By These Terms And Conditions (“The Membership Terms And Conditions”) By Installing, Accessing, Or Using Our Apps, Services, Features, Software, Or Website (Together, “Services”).

This is a legal agreement between you and Halal Bliss. By using this, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you are not authorized to use or access these services. The application form is a contractual offer by you to us subject to these Terms and Conditions and no others. This document (‘The Membership Terms and Conditions’) sets out the relationship between you and Halal Bliss, to which you are expressly agreeing to once you accept the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Membership Terms And Conditions

You affirm that you are over 18 years old and have not lied or cheated in any way shape or form in order to use this website.

Anyone found to be using Halal Bliss services under the age of 18 will be banned immediately without refund and your IP address will also be banned.

You affirm take an oath with Allah that you are a practicing Muslim who is upon the Quran and Sunnah and is looking to marry a practicing Muslim Wife/Husband. 

The services that we offer are for the use of helping you find a spouse in a halal manner. If you are the parent or wali of a sister, you MAY create an account on behalf of your child with their permission.

You may not create multiple accounts for yourself. Any member found with more than one account can be banned permanently without a refund. 

You agree to use this service subject to the following terms and conditions:

You will carefully read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Membership Terms and Conditions document. If you do not understand or agree to ALL Membership Terms and Conditions, you forgo the right to use our service, and you will not login to the Halal Bliss services at any time.

Please pay attention to the following rules which if broken, will result in a PERMANENT BAN from the Halal Bliss website WITHOUT A REFUND:

  • You have registered as a member of Halal Bliss solely for the purpose of finding a spouse OR you are a parent/ wali who has registered on behalf of their child with their permission. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity.
  • You commit to keeping all information provided to you by other members of Halal Bliss private and confidential and you will obtain the permission of the member who provided it to you prior to sharing it with a third party.
  • You will not request money, or any other form of financial assistance, from any member that you meet on Halal Bliss services.
  • You will not send money or any form of financial asset to any other member that you meet on Halal Bliss Services.
  • You will not organize and will not participate in any funds transfer or any asset transfer arrangement organized by any member you meet on any of Halal Bliss services.
  • You will not load or distribute any virus or software which may harm the Halal Bliss services or any of its users.
  • You will not post in your profile or communicate through any conversations vulgar material, pictures or content of an Un-Islamic nature.
  • You will not post in your profile or communicate through any conversations any material promoting harmful or criminal thoughts, intent or action.
  • You will not post in your profile or communicate through any conversations any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, racism, bigotry, violence, invasion of privacy, suggesting, engaging in or enticing other to commit any illegal or immoral acts. Such actions can be followed up and prosecuted as necessary
  • You will not send to any member unsolicited mass mailings, junk mail, spam mail and chain letters, nor will you send any business information with the intent to engage or sell to other members including asking members to sign up to other websites or any other medium for products and services
  • You will not engage in gathering personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, financial information or any other kind of information of our members.

The information that you include about yourself in your profile will be accurate and will be the truthful description of your true self – and we remind you that you have sworn by Allah that you are speaking the truth.

All photographs you upload to Halal Bliss will be authentic, truthful and recent photographs of yourself. If any other persons are incidentally included in the photos that you upload, you represent and you warrant that you have their explicit consent to upload such photos. You agree to indemnify Halal Bliss and its employees against any claim arising as a result of you uploading unauthorised photographs without owner or subject consent.

Your right to use Halal Bliss is subject to any restrictions, limitations, or conditions established or imposed from time to time at the sole discretion of Halal Bliss. This may include future limitations on certain features and functions.

Specifically, please note the following:

  • is where our admin team monitor and check messages for the safety of other members. You agree that your conversations are subject to being monitored and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • You MAY share contact details once compatibility has been established between you and another member. Any attempt at sharing details prior to this will result in a ban from
  • Please note that once you take your conversations OFF, Halal Bliss is in no way shape or form implicated in any situations or problems that could happen between you and the member. It is YOUR responsibility to do your diligence and make the same checks and investigations that you would usually make when searching for a spouse offline.
  • Profiles are MANUALLY approved within 24-48 hours and any profiles deemed suspicious or fraudulent will be rejected immediately with a permanent ban and NO refund.
  • Spamming the Helpdesk or sending inappropriate messages to the admin can result in a permanent ban from Halal Bliss.
  • Abuse to staff will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape or form, and will result in a permanent ban without refund.

Fraud And Scam Warning

Halal Bliss specifically and emphatically warns members never to send money to anyone that they meet on our services. A very small number of profiles on our services may not be genuine and may belong to scammers that may manage to slip through our extensive filters and pose as people who they are not. Halal Bliss has no way of determining the validity of any communication that you receive from another member or the validity of the person behind such communication. We believe that these are few in numbers, but the damage they can cause may be enormous. These scammers will typically pose as an attractive woman or man. They will initiate contact with other members and will at some point during the interaction request money from the other person. This could be a request in the form of a loan, assistance for food, assistance for medical treatment, assistance to cover travel expenses to visit that member or assistance to smuggle a fortune out of a particular country. The list is endless. The bottom line is that we are warning our members to never send any money to anyone that they meet on this site for any reason whatsoever. Chances are 100% that the sending member will be defrauded of that money and will become another unhappy fraud victim. It is a violation of site policy to solicit money from or to send money to any member on the site. It is YOUR responsibility to report any member who asks you for any payment by using the report member feature on their profile.

Halal Bliss Is Held Harmless

You explicitly, expressly and totally understand and agree that Halal Bliss is held harmless by you and anyone else against any wrongdoing, damage, scam, misrepresentation, inappropriate contact, untruthfulness, trickery, or deceit perpetrated against you by any member that you meet on this site or on any of our affiliated sites, or that you meet through Halal Bliss. Halal Bliss Assumes no Liability, Financial or Otherwise in any such cases.

Halal Bliss does not endorse, confirm, support, verify or validate the accuracy or the reliability of any of the information posted by members on our services. This includes but is not limited to all text, photographs, pictures, and any other content.

You explicitly, expressly, and totally understand and agree that Halal Bliss assumes no liability or responsibility, financial, or otherwise for the truthfulness, accuracy, intent, motives, or behaviour of anyone on this site or any of its affiliate sites. You meet people on Halal Bliss at your own risk. People use the internet for various motives and intentions. It is your responsibility and solely your responsibility to verify the accuracy, truthfulness, good intentions, and motives of anyone that you meet on this site.

You agree that you will not request money or any form of financial or material assistance from any other member that you meet through our services. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.


You agree to indemnify Halal Bliss, its staff and stakeholders against any loss or damages, including without limitation reasonable legal fees, which we may suffer from your activities on or use of the site, including without limitation any breach by you of this Agreement or any charges or complaints made by other parties against you.

Inappropriate Use Of Halal Bliss

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any vulgar material, pictures or content.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any material promoting harmful or criminal thoughts, intent or action.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, racism, bigotry, violence, invasion of privacy, suggesting, engaging in or enticing other to commit any illegal or immoral acts.

Sending to any member unsolicited mass mailings, junk mail, spam mail and chain letters.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any content promoting or soliciting commercial activity including advertising the selling of any product or service, including joining or acquiring membership in any other website.

Engaging in any practice with the intent of gathering personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, financial information or any other kind of information from our members.

Requesting money, or any other form of financial assistance, from any member that you meet on our services.

Sending money or any form of financial asset to any other member that you meet on our services.

Participating in any funds transfer or any asset transfer arrangement organized by any member you meet on our services.

Termination Of Access To Halal Bliss

If Halal Bliss deems it appropriate in its sole discretion, we may terminate or suspend any member’s account at any time, with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement. Any fraudulent, illegal, suspicious, immoral activity or any other type of activity that would infringe upon another member’s right to enjoy using the site will result in the termination of your membership and the deletion of your profile.

Service Interruption

From time to time due to technological factors, scheduled software uploads and other factors beyond our control, service may be temporarily interrupted. From time to time, certain features of the site may not be available. You agree to hold Halal Bliss harmless against any such interruption of service.

Content Policy

Members may not include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, instant message details, mobile applications designed for communication or street addresses or ANY other form of personal details in their Halal Bliss profile AND cannot send these details through the conversations on our services (except in the case of establishing compatibility). Profiles that are registered with any of the above information will be subject to immediate deletion.

You agree to include FACTUAL information about yourself which is a TRUE and ACCURATE representation of yourself. You may NOT use fake pictures (actors, actresses, models or any person who is not the actual member.) and any other misleading or untruthful personal Information, such as misrepresented real age, location, country of residence, country of origin, religion, height, weight, and any other item of personal description can result in a permanent ban without refund.

Content Deletion:

Halal Bliss reserves the right and diligently exercises that right to delete any content violating Content Policy parameters outlined above. Halal Bliss will delete any content including pictures, messages or profiles that is deemed in the sole discretion of Halal Bliss to be illegal, immoral, offensive, or in violation of the letter and spirit of this agreement and the purpose of the website or any of its affiliates.

Halal Bliss Right To Use Member Provided Information

You grant Halal Bliss the right in its sole discretion to edit, modify, delete any of the information that you have submitted in your profile if it fails to meet our aforementioned criteria. This includes text, photographs, pictures and any and all other information submitted with your profile at time of activation or at any subsequent time.

Monitoring Policies And Practices

Halal Bliss is committed to making the use of our site a safe and pleasant experience for our members. In order to do this, Pure Matrimony manually checks and approves profiles, as well as moderating messages between members. This is to protect our members and is also in accordance to the Islamic principles we stand by.

Any member found to be trying to find ways to evade using our services conversation area and trying to post their personal details to take conversations off our services will be banned without refund.

Any member requesting to take conversations off the Halal Bliss website when compatibility has not been established can be subject to a permanent ban without refund.

Please note that ALL members of Halal Bliss – whether free or paid MUST adhere to the rules mentioned herein these terms and conditions. Failure to do so can result in a ban without refund.

Purchased Memberships Terms And Conditions

It is YOUR responsibility to CANCEL your membership when you are no longer interested in being a member of Halal Bliss. We will NOT refund any members who have failed to do so.

Refund Policy

Halal Bliss will NOT refund ANY payment to ANY member for ANY reason whatsoever EXCEPT in the case of error on our part. If Any refunds are issued in case of error on Halal Bliss’s Part, It will be processed and completed within 14 days of initial refund request.

Halal Bliss will not refund any member who has decided that they no longer wish to use Halal Bliss. A refund can NOT be given in part or whole for any subscription used or not used by any member for whatever reason. Users who wish to cancel their subscription are not permitted to seek a partial or full refund for any reason. 

  • Halal Bliss  is a SERVICE PROVIDER and makes NO GUARANTEES either on our website or through our marketing that you will definitely find a spouse.
  • Follow through with members you meet are YOUR responsibility, and as such, you absolve Halal Bliss of any issues, problems or other factors which would arise from meeting members or being in touch with them OUTSIDE Halal Bliss..
  • It is YOUR responsibility to take the necessary precautions with members you meet through Halal Bliss as you would otherwise take if you were meeting any other proposal.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to involve your family and your Wali in all your communications OFF or ON Halal Bliss – Halal Bliss cannot and will not be held responsible for any problems which occur with any member OFF the website.
  • Halal Bliss asks sisters to include their Wali in their communications but cannot enforce this. Marriage without a wali is invalid for sisters who have never previously been married. Halal Bliss does NOT condone members to meet freely outside the realm of the website and CANNOT be held responsible for any issues or problems that arise as a result of you doing so.

Membership Types:

Halal Bliss is constantly reviewing the price of purchased membership. Halal Bliss may, in its sole discretion, adjust the price upwards or downwards at any time.

REFUNDS are NOT permitted during times of offers and discounts where members have already paid in full. You may NOT cancel your membership to buy a cheaper deal, as your IP address is recorded and we reserve the right to ban your account on this basis.

The Unpredictability Of Messages And Replies

Some members that you send a message to may not respond to your email message. Although this can be quite frustrating, it could be due to a number of factors. The member you are trying to reach may be talking to other members and is not interested in starting something new. The member may also elect not to respond to you because they are not interested in your profile or they do not see a picture in your profile.

A refund can NOT be given on the basis of members choosing not to correspond with you. Reasons for members failing to contact you include: poorly written profile, personal preferences and wants do not match yours, your profile may not be appealing to others, your personal circumstances may mean your profile is not of interest to others etc. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but in all such occasions, you CANNOT be refunded.

It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with members in a polite, respectful manner. Rude, offensive, filthy, disgusting or vulgar messages or any other inappropriate messages will result in a permanent ban without refund. Similarly, if you find a member behaving like this, please REPORT this person immediately. Although Halal Bliss is a heavily moderated site, on rare occasions the odd profile can slip through our filters. Please report members who are in violation of any of the rules mentioned herein. Halal Bliss cannot be held responsible for any members who are rude, offensive, filthy, vulgar or trying to scam/fraud anyone. What we WILL do, however, is ban any member found to be in violation of our rules. If needs be, personal data CAN and WILL be handed over to law enforcement agencies to aid and assist them in their enquiries.  

Agreement To Receive Notifications And Other Communications

Halal Bliss reserves the right to send electronic mail to you and to other members. The purpose of this communication includes but is not limited to:

  • Inform you of any change to the status of your membership.
  • Inform you about contacts or interests in your profile from another member.
  • Inform you of any modifications to this Agreement or of any additions or changes to our services.
  • Inform you of other member profiles that may represent a suitable match to the selection criteria stated in your profile.
  • Provide information to you regarding our affiliate or partner sites.
  • Inform you about any Halal Bliss related products or services.
  • Provide you with information about any item that we think, in our sole discretion, may be of interest to you.

Please do NOT mark our emails as spam or as nuisance email. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe links in the footer of the emails we send out. Emails sent from our system regarding important changes do NOT have unsubscribe/opt-out information because these are seen as NECESSARY to inform members of important changes.

Proprietary Information

Halal Bliss asserts full copyright protection in all content published on the website by our partners, our members, and other users. You explicitly agree that you will not copy, modify, or distribute any of such information without the express written consent of the original owner of the content.

Terms Of Use Modifications

Halal Bliss may periodically modify this agreement. It is your sole responsibility to review this agreement at least on a monthly basis to determine if any of the modifications are unacceptable to you. If any subsequent modifications are deemed unacceptable, you must immediately discontinue use of the site. Your login subsequent to reviewing any modifications constitutes a binding acceptance by you of any and all modifications to the Agreement.

Our services is used at your own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to your hardware and/or software resulting from your access and/or use of the website.

Your statutory rights are not affected at all by these terms and conditions.

Copyright Notice

All material on our services is copyright. You may only use it in the ways authorized by the copyright owner. All site design, text, graphics, user interfaces, software, and their selection and arrangements are owned by Halal Bliss

All Rights Reserved

Any use of materials and files from our website without prior written permission of Halal Bliss is strictly prohibited.