• Alhamdulilah!
    Our story with Halal Bliss, as a new revert Muslim of just 6 months believing that I would find a sister willing to be with me due to my deen and knowledge being so limited was something I thought not possible, after a conversation with a fellow brother they introduced me to Halal Bliss, I managed to post my profile and thought nothing else of it within a day or so I came across a profile of a sister who also is a revert of 9 years, after reading I knew I was interested, the conversation flowed and after a short time we knew we had to meet even though the Sister was living in Finland while I was in the UK after after a little flight and after meeting we both felt we had to be together so we did the nikah and yes it’s early days but we have been happily building a life together for the last month ,Barakallahu feekum for bringing us together. John (Ibrahim) and Nur