It all started in early 2018, we saw that many Muslims were struggling to find a spouse. So we started off with the intention of helping local brothers and sisters by having them fill out profiles and looking in our database of profiles for a potential suitor.

Alhamdulilah we had great success in finding people matches and as such a lot of people got married. One thing we realised is that due to the way we were operating it was only really possible to help Muslims locally.

Being ambitious and optimistic it struck us that we should make a website which would enable Muslims from around the world to benefit from it. We joined with a close friend and put a lot of energy into creating what is now

We are a small group owned and managed by two practising Muslims hoping to help you and Muslims around the world just like you find the spouse Allah has written for them.

May Allah SWT bless you all and give you success in your searches, ameen.

Halal bliss team.